4f Notepad

The 4f Notepad is a digital notebook for teachers and students, with special support for mathematics. The notebook is organised into chapters, sections, and pages, and has an automatically updated table of contents. Each page can contain different kinds of page elements, like rich text with mathematics formulas, pictures and figures, and special math elements. It includes a tutorial notebook and six empty notebooks for the user.

Versatile math tools

Edit mathematical text with standard mathematical notation. Both inline formulas and displayed formulas are supported. Mathematical symbols chosen from a palette, or typed as LaTeX commands.

Add geometrical pictures,  funktion graphs, sign charts, and mathematical tables to the page.

Text, pictures and other material can be combined in different ways in a content box. Distinguish assignments, examples and summaries etc with different layouts.

Using 4f Notepad

The 4f Notepad is easy to use  with the other software. Page elements can be dragged to other editors, like LibreOffice Writer and Microsoft Word.  4f Notepad elements can also be dragged into a Four Ferries free notebook page , in order to share 4f Notepad content over the net.



Upgrade to 4f Studio Notebook

4f Studio allows the user to create an unlimited number of notebooks. The notebooks in 4f Studio add a number of new powerful features:

   - more efficient methods for sharing content with teachers and fellow students

   - use computers to check the correctness of mathematial derivations (the eMath checker)

   - create your own computer checked quizzes

   - embedd web content in a page, add videos and record your own sound files