4f Studio, an environment designed for STEM subjects

A complete digital learning platform, with

  • personal notebooks,
  • digital textbooks, and
  • interactive digital courses

in a digital school environment.

A Versatile Learning Environment

4f Studio supports different teaching scenarios. It works great for ordinary classroom teaching, where the teacher presents theory and examples in class and students do additional exercises at home in the 4f Course environment. It also supports the Flipped Classroom Model, where the traditional sequence of teaching is flipped around so that students first study theory and examples at home and then solve exercises in class, under the guidance of the teacher. If there is a need for a fully online course, the course management system also supports complete online learning, with all material, discussions, assignments and feedback handled online.

4f Studio application

A user interacts with a 4f Studio using the 4f Studio app. The user downloads the application to his or her own laptop, after which all interaction with the system is done in the application. The application allows the user to read and create digital content offline, create and edit any number of notebooks, read course books, work on assignments in a course, and use tools provided by the learning environment.

4f Studio server

The 4f Studio server is a cloud server that handles the communication and content management in the studio. Users need to have online access to the server when they are downloading or uploading material, or when they are interacting with teachers and other students in a course. All material acquired or created by the user is saved on the users own laptop, free for later use and reference. All content is continuously backed up to the server.

4f notebooks

The 4f Studio platform allows users to create their own personal notebooks. The digital 4f notebooks are organised into chapters, sections, and pages. The notebooks are stored on the users own computer, and backed up to a cloud server

Each page can contain any number of  page elements, such as

   - standard rich text with mathematics formulas

   - images and embedded videos

   - mathematical graphs and figures

   - program code

   - sound files (own recordings or from the web)

   - quizzes and home assignments

The page elements can be organized in many different ways on the page. Read more ...

Special support for mathematics

The 4f Studio notebooks provide special support for creating mathematical content. This includes writing rich text with mathematical formulas in standard notation, both inline and in displays. Formulas can also be edited in standard notation, with special symbols chosen from a palett or written directly with Latex commands. In addition, the user can create and edit

   - function graphs

   - geometric figures

   - mathematical tables

   - sign charts

   - structured derivations

These math elements can be organized in any desired way on the page. Read more ...

4f textbooks

The 4f Studio platform comes with a bookshelf for digital textbooks. The 4f textbooks are essentially protected 4f notebooks. Readers cannot change the text of the book, but they can solve assignments directly in the book and make annotations in the book. Assignments are solved with 4f notebook tools.

A 4f textbook is an ebook that can be read and used offline. The textbooks, containing the user's solutions and annotations, are backed up to a cloud server. The textbooks are  stored on the user's own computer, and are thus permanently available.

A teacher can use a 4f textbook in a 4f course. The teacher is  free to edit the digital textbook material to suit the aims of the course. Students' course books are automatically synchronized with the teacher's course books throughout the course. Read more...

4f courses

The 4f Studio platform allows the teacher to create and deliver digital courses. 4f courses can be used both for teaching in class and for virtual online courses. The courses are saved on the teachers and students own laptops, for later reference.

Students can solve assignments directly in the course book, submit their solutions to the teacher and get teacher feedback, all without leaving the 4f course.

The course comes with an advanced chat for communication between teacher and students, as well as synchronous video conferencing. The teachers can follow the progress of course participants continuously on a dashboard.

A teacher can create a course book from scratch, or use an existing textbook as course book (with suitable adaptions), or use his or her own notebook as the course book. A course book could cover the topic extensively, or be just a collection of notes and assignments that support an external (digital or paper) course book. Read more ...

4f schools

4f Studio is a digital platform where you can create your own personal notebooks, access textbooks, and create digital courses and lecture these. If you have more courses, or you cooperate with other teachers, or you have a lot of students, then you may choose to organize everything as a 4f school

A 4f school has its own set of courses,  textbooks and tools, as well as a registered body of students and teachers.  The school is managed by a school master,  who approves students and teachers for the school.

The school master decides on the courses that are taught in the school, while the teachers create and lecture these courses. Students apply for a specific course, and the school master and/or the teacher chooses the students that are allowed to participate in the course.

Textbooks, tools and courses can be free,  or they can be commercial and paid in the web shop of the school. Read more ...

4f domains

Each 4f school must belong to a 4f domain. The domain gathers the schools under a common administration. Notebooks, textbooks, courses, and tools available to a 4f studio user can be either

   - private, so that only the user can access these,

   - provided by the school, for all school members, or

   - provided by the domain, for all member schools

The visibility of a 4f studio item is decided when it is created, and can be changed later on.

New domains can be created as needed by the 4f Studio administrators. The default domain is 4Ferries, and the default school is 4Ferries school in the 4Ferries domain.

Domains are particularly useful for educational organisations like cities or counties, or for companies with internal or customer training. They can be used for organisation wide virtual courses over the net, and for distributing common material. Read more ...