4Ferries service

Each 4f Studio user will subscribe to a specific 4f service domain and to at least one 4f school in that service domain. The default service domain for all users is  4Ferries. A user who does not specify another service will automatically join this. The 4Ferries service provides 4f textbooks, 4f courses,  and 4f tools intended for all users. Some of these are free, while others are available for purchase at the 4f webshop.  You can also create your own 4f school in 4Ferries. Contact Four Ferries for further details on this option.

To use 4Ferries service, you need to

  •      have a valid user account,
  •      an active subscription for 4f Studio, and
  •      the 4f Studio app installed on you computer.

To register, download the 4f Studio app, open it and follow the instructions.

Log in to 4Ferries to see your profile information. You can update the information as needed. You also see the resources that you have available, like subscription time left, remaining checking quota, and items you have purchased.

Registering to 4Ferries on the web

The simplest way to get started with 4Ferries service is to download the 4f Studio app, open it and then following the instructions, as explained here.

However, it is also possible to register and subscribe for the service on the web directly. Start with registration. Then pay for the 4f Studio subscription in the webshop. Finally,  download the app,  open it, and login in with the user id and password that you gave in the registration.  This method can be more convenient if you are, e.g., buying the 4Ferries service for somebody else.

Roles in 4Ferries

You need to specify the  role that you want to have in 4Ferries. Available roles are

1. User: can create 4f notebooks, buy 4f textbooks, use automatic checking, and participate in 4Ferries School courses

2. Student: has to be registered in a specific 4f school. The student has all the rights of an ordinary user. In addition, the student can participate in all courses provided by his/her 4f school.

3. Teacher: has also to be registered in a specific 4f school.The teacher has all the rights of a student in the school. In addition, the teacher can create new courses for the school, accept students and teachers to the course, as well as remove them, and lecture the courses.

4. Administrator: has to be registered in 4Ferries domain. An administrator can create a new 4f school,  accept teachers and students to the school and remove them, if necessary.

Choosing the user role places you in the default school  4Ferries School with the default role as a student. The student and teacher roles require approval from the school administrator. The school administrator role requires approval from the 4Ferries domain administrator.

Creating courses

A teacher in a 4f school can create his/her own 4f course  and become the main teacher of this course. A 4f course  is limited to those students that are explicitly invited by the main teacher of the course. The main  teacher can also invite other teachers to help with the course. The teachers create the course material, invite the students to the course,  and lecture the course. The teacher can follow the students' progress throughout the course on the teacher's dashboard.

Start your own school

You can also start a new school in the  4Ferries domain, and become the school administrator for this school. Contact us for more information.