Company background

The company Four Ferries was founded by researchers behind the eMath and ViRum projects, and the scientific work leading up to these projects. The eMath project 2011 - 2016 was funded by EU and the Swedish Cultural Foundation. The aim was to pilot the structured derivation approach to mathematics education in high schools, and build a digital platform for mathematics education in general. The Virum project 2014 - 2017 was also funded  by the Swedish Cultural Foundation. The aim of this project was to develop a digital platform for virtual education,  to support the Swedish speaking high schools in Finland. The research in these projects was carried out at Abo Akademi University and University of Turku.

Four Ferries has an agreement with the two universities to commercialize the results of these research projects. The initial focus was on supporting computer based  teaching of mathematics. The aims have since then widened, so that we now provide a powerful learning platform for all topics in school education, in the form of the 4f Studio. At the same time,  support for mathematics education has also increased considerably, in particular with the new improved version of the structured derivation editor, automatic checking of structured derivations, and the newly released eMath textbook series for high school mathematics.