Electronic Notebooks

4f Notebooks

A 4f Notebook is a digital notebook for teachers and students on your laptop, with special support for mathematics. The notebook is organised into chapters, sections, and pages, and has an automatically updated table of contents. Each page can contain different kinds of page elements, like rich text with mathematics formulas, pictures and figures, and special math elements.You can create an unlimited number of notebooks. You can upload a notebook page on the web in order to share it with others.

4f Notepage

A 4f Notepage is a collection of different kinds of content elements that are laid out on the page.  You can easily add, modify , reorganize and delete content elements on a page, as well as choose how to lay out the elements on the page for best possible readability and usability. Most content elements are interactive, and some may require internet access. The page elements available are described here.


Versatile Math Tools

Edit mathematical text with standard mathematical notation. Both inline formulas and displayed formulas are supported. Mathematical symbols chosen from a palette, or typed as LaTeX commands.

Add geometrical pictures,  funktion graphs, sign charts, and mathematical tables to the page.

Text, pictures and other material can be combined in different ways in a content box. Distinguish assignments, examples and summaries etc with different layouts. Check out here what math tools are available.

Sharing 4f notebooks

4f notebooks are easy to use  with the other software. Page elements can be dragged to other editors, like LibreOffice Writer and Microsoft Word.  The notebook elements can also be  shared over the net, by saving the page as a public web page and sharing the url with others.


4f notebooks in Finnish digital matriculation exam

4f notebook math tools are used in the Finnish national matriculation exam. The matriculation exam is compulsory for all high school students. The matriculation exam will be completely digital starting autumm 2019.