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eMath Studio adds automatic checking to 4f Studio. The product includes subscription time for 4f Studio and a given number of checks for each month of subscription. You can find the prices here. You can buy more checks when needed. The eMath textbooks can be bought in eMath Studio, in the same way as in 4f Studio. You can buy more subscription time and checking quota for eMath Studio when the previous subscription ends, or you can choose to continue  with only a 4f Studio subscription. 

eMath Studio makes teachers and students work easier and more efficient

The teacher saves time as the checker helps in finding errors in students solutions. Students save time because they do not need to wait for the teacher to proceed forward. The checker gives personal and rapid feedback on the student's own solution. The student will know whether his/her solution is mathematically correct, or whether there are steps that need to be inspected more carefully and corrected.

eMath Studio Personal  is intended for individual students, to allow them to study mathematics digitally and in an independent fashion. The automatic checker makes learning easier and more efficient. The checker marks the weak spots  in a solution, where the errors lurk. Clearing up these steps helps the student to understand the underlying theory, and prevents the same error from being repeated in later solutions. The student gets rapid feedback on the correctness of his/her own solution, and can correct the problem when it is still fresh in mind. If the checker accepts each step in the solution, then the student will know that the solution is mathematically correct. 

eMath Studio Class allows you to create an electronic class with students and teachers. The product includes subscription time for 4f Studio and automatic checking, for all teachers and students in the class. Teachers can create courses for the class, where students solve assignments and check the correctness of these assignments with the eMath Checker. Students can submit their checked solutions to teachers, who can give individual feedback in problem cases. The teacher saves time, as the students can find most of their errors on their own, and will have more time for other course activities.

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