Get started with 4f Note

1. Open 4f Note webpage

Open 4f Note webpage from here.

A guided tour will show you the main features of 4f Note. You can cancel the guided tour anytime, and restart it from the ?Guide menu.

Try out 4f Note by creating a page and printing it.

2. Log in or sign up

You need to be logged in if you want to save your page (on the server), share the page with others, use the 4f Checker or print without watermarks.

Click Log in  (in 4f Note) if you already have a user account 

Click Sign up to create a new user account

3. Start using 4f Note

Signing up will give you 2 weeks free subscription of 4f Note and 20 free checks with 4f Checker

You can buy more subscription time or checker quota in the webshop

4. Help with 4f Note

The side bar shows tutorials on how to use 4f Note and 4f Checker.

You can edit the pages in the tutorial, to experiment with different features.  The changes you make are not saved, so you can experiment freely.