Get started with eMath

eMath can be used with 4f Studio and without it

Using eMath in 4f Studio

Once you have registered your 4f Studio application, you can start using eMath.

     - The eMath editor is included in the subscription of 4f Studio.

     - The eMath checker is included in the eMath editor. The 4f Studio subscription includes a free quota of 50 checks. You can buy more checking quotas from the webshop.

     - The eMath textbooks can be bought from the webshop and downloaded to the 4f Studio textbook shelf.

     - An eMath textbook can be used as (editable) course book in a 4f math course. Enrollment in the course requires that the participant has bought the eMath textbook used in the course.

     - The Structured Derivations tutorial is available for free as a 4f textbook.

Using eMath without 4f Studio

The eMath components can also be used without 4f Studio.

     - The eMath editor is included in the  4f Notebook application. You can try out the editor on the 4f  online note page.

     - The eMath textbooks are also available for iPad tablets (from App Store) and for Android tablets (from Google Play).

     - The printed structured derivation textbooks are available at Amazon.

Use these component for organising a math course or for self-studies in mathematics.

The eMath checker is only available in 4f Studio. You can use the checker by subscribing to 4f Studio as a ordinary user.