My MathChecker (3 months)


3 months subscription


With My MathChecker you can easily write mathematics on the computer and let the computer automatically check the mathematical correctness of each step in your derivation. In addition you can collect your calculations and assignments, as well as theory in electronic notebooks, easily shared and accessed online.

My MathChecker subscription includes:

  • 200 automatic checks /month subscribed,
  • Numerical and symbolical calculator
  • Create unlimited number of electronic notebooks
  • Course participation possible
  • In addition the subscription includes all features available in 4f Studio Light:
    • 4f Note service, share your calculations easily
    • Combine text and math seamlessly
    • Intuitive math keyboard
    • Graphing tools
    • Geometry tools
    • Embed videos, webpages and add images
    • Program code editors

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The automatic checking feature is available for calculations written using the Structured Derivations element. Checking requires that the syntax is written correctly, but syntax checking does not use up checking quota. The checker sends each step in the derivation to an automatic theorem prover. If each step in the derivation is proved correct, the derivation is correct. The checker warns when it was not able to prove a derivation step correct, so that you can inspect the step, see your mistakes easily and correct them. See 4f Checker for more details.
The service is entirely web-based and requires an internet connection.
Your material will be available in read-only format after subscription time ends. Edit mode is always available with a valid subscription.
You can buy more checking quota in the webshop at anytime. If you renew your subscription, any unused checks will be automatically transferred to your new subscription.