eMathStudio (Teacher)


12 months

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OFFER: Get eMathStudio Teacher and support for free when the whole class subscribes to eMathStudio (minimum 20 subscriptions of eMathStudio Student Edition)! Contact us to get started support@fourferries.com.

eMathStudio Teacher Edition includes:

  • 12 month subscription
  • Create and manage courses
  • Student progress overview
  • Course communication tools
  • Digital notebooks
  • eMath textbooks with interactive assignments and automatic checking (following the Finnish High School Curriculum)
  • Automatic checkings (200 checks)
  • In addition the subscription includes all features available in eMathStudio Free:
    • Share your calculations easily
    • Combine text and math seamlessly
    • Intuitive math keyboard
    • Graphing tools
    • Geometry tools
    • Embed content from other sources
    • Program code editors
Your material will be available in read-only format after subscription time ends. Edit mode is always available with a valid subscription.
Additional checking quota can be purchased and added to your subscription.