eMath Resources

The eMath High School textbook series is included in the eMathStudio subscription at no extra cost. If you wish to buy a book separately and use with eMathStudio Free you will need to create an account first. Create account or check out eMathStudio Student or eMathStudio Teacher subscription instead.

The eMath textbooks are interactive digital books, readable online in the eMathStudio environment. The books can also be downloaded for offline use in the 4f App. All textbooks use structured derivations as the basic presentation format. Read more about the teaching methodology . The books cover all the central topics in high school mathematics (grades 10 -12). The eMath textbooks are organised according to the Finnish national curriculum for high school mathematics at advanced level. Select a book to learn more about the contents of the book. As a teacher, you can create a course based on the book, and fully customize the book according to your needs: add/delete material, embed video and webpages, change order and look & feel.