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The only math notebook where you can check the correctness of your own calculations automatically
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Great tools with automatic step-by-step checking
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Embed web pages, videos, sound files and add images.

Math Notebooks

eMath Studio Notebooks are perfect for taking individual notes. Students can take notes during class, teachers can use it for creating course material, and project groups can use it as a central storage of content. You can create an unlimited number of personal digital notebooks in eMath Studio. A notebook is organised into chapters, sections, and pages. The list of content in a notebook is automatically updated. The overall structure of the notebook can be edited directly by manipulating the list of contents.

Math elements

The math content elements  allow teachers and students to produce mathematical content using standard mathematical notation. Solutions and examples can be written in the traditional way, or as structured derivations. Mathematical symbols are entered by clicking them from a palette, or by writing simple shorthand keywords. Other math elements allow the user to draw geometric figures, plot function graphs, or create tables with mathematical content and diagrams for statistical presentations.

Text and Image elements

You can add a text element to a page. This element contains rich text, with support for text formatting, linking, pre-formatted text, different kinds of listings, headers and coloring options. Mathematical formulas are shown in the traditional notation, and can be edited without leaving this standard formula presentation. An image element displays a picture stored on your computer. The author, image licenses, source and additional notes relevant to the picture can all be stored in the image element.

Code element

A code element allows the user to write and edit computer programs in a specific programming language. The editor supports the user in creating syntactically correct programs by highlighting code elements according to the syntax of the chosen programming language.