Privacy Policy

Personal Data Act (523/1999) 10 § and 24 §
Date: 14.3.2017
1 Controller/register holder Name: Four Ferries Ltd, 234 3222-8
Address: Kaskenkatu 4 B 6, 20700 TURKU
Email: ralph.back(a)
2 The person in charge and/or contact person Name: Barbro Back
Address: Kaskenkatu 4 B 6, 20700 TURKU
Email: info(a)
3 Name of the register Four Ferries Ltd user register
4 The purpose for processing the personal data/the purpose for the use of a register To keep contact with the user and taker care of the service to the user. To update service, to secure service to the user and to improve service to the user, to analyse the service and to keep statistics.
5 Content of the register The register can include the following kind of data:
Personal data:
-First name, Family name, Email
Data that concerns the usage of service:
-School, Starting year, User category i.e. teacher/student
Other information:
-Data on products/service ordered by the user, delivery and invoicing of them, register information e.g. user id password and other information that concerns service
6 Regular sources of information Data is received through registration and regular use of the application.
7 and 8 Regular destinations of disclosed data and whether the data is transferred to countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area No regular destinations of disclosed data and  no transferred data outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.
9 The principles how the data file/register is secured A Manual register: Possible printed register documents are kept in locked rooms in locked cabinets at the work place.
B Data register/ADP register: All data is kept confidential. The system can be entered only by user id and password. Only  those persons who need the data for maintenance and service are allowed to access data. Data is secured with user ids and passwords.
10 Right to check the information A registered person has the right to check data that concerns her/him by emailing the contact person. The person in charge of the registers will check the identity of the person asking for data before data is given to him/her.
11 Right to require correction of personal information By email to the contact person.