Automatic Checking


Check your own calculations step-by-step

4f Checker allows you to check if your derivation is mathematically correct. The checker formulates each step in the derivation as a mathematical theorem, and sends the theorem to an automatic theorem prover that runs in the cloud. The derivation is correct, if each step in the derivation is proved correct. The checker warns for each derivation step that it was not able to prove correct.

The automatic checking function can be used everywhere where the eMath editor is used: in textbooks when solving assignments, in notebooks and in course books. The checker requires an active internet connection.

Checking for Middle School, High School and University Level Math

Whether you are a middle school, high school or university level student, or an adult refreshing your memory, the Automatic Checker will help you to check if your derivation is mathematically correct. It checks every step in your solution, and it does not matter which path you chose when solving your problem.

Trust yourself

In math, there are many ways to get to a solution. Math operations can be made in different order, calculations in several or few steps. We all think in different ways, and it may be difficult to see it the way your teacher does and teaches you. This doesn't mean that your way is wrong. With the checker you can solve assignments your way, and check if it is mathematically correct.

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