4f in the Abitti System

FourFerries digital math tools are available in one of the applications in the Finnish National Matriculation Exams. The application goes under name 4f Notebook (in Finnish: 4f-Vihko/ in Swedish: 4f-Häfte). Students who wish to use this application in the national digital exams, may practice using eMath Studio FREE, available for free online, or by downloading the desktop application 4f Notebook.

Use 4f Notebook to

List of Why to use 4f Notebook
1. Write mathematical calculations fast, neatly and easily

Trying to write math has always been messy. Programs made for writing text don't make it easier. The mathematics editor teaches you how to write in a clear and structured way, it does the layout for you and makes editing mistakes a breeze.

2. Form a structured answer to your problem

Text - screenshots - graphs - drawings - calculations -
ALL in one place.

3. Keep all your assignments organized in one place

Forget crumpled loose leaf papers and assignments with no red thread. The digital notebooks let you build chapters and edit them as you explore new theories. Everything fully visible to teachers in real time.

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