4f-logo-80   Tools for Digital Math Education

4f Note


An online math page editor.

4f Checker


Check correctness of your derivations.

4f Studio


A digital learning platform for mathematics.



Interactive textbooks for high school math.

Structured Derivations


Make math arguments easy to understand.

4fNotesOnline-image4f Note

An online notebook page. Paricularly well suited for editing mathematical content. You can create text with standard math notation, function graphs, geometric figures, structured derivations, etc. Save the page on the server and share it with others. Derivations can be checked with 4f  Checker.  Read more..




4fChecker-image4f Checker

Let the computer check your calculations, derivations and proofs. Requires 4f Studio or 4f Note. The checker goes through your derivation step by step and points out the weak spots and potential problems in your mathematical arguments. Try it by registering as a 4f Note user, you will get 20 checks for free. Read more ...

4fStudio-image4f Studio

A complete interactive learning environment with digital notebooks, digital textbooks,  and digital courses. Teachers can create their own course material and lecture courses in the environment. Work offline, go online when needed. Read more... 

eMath-textbooks-imageeMath Textbooks

A digital and interactive textbook series for high school. Covers all standard mathematics courses. Mathematical arguments made easy to follow by using structured derivations and step-by-step proof presentations. Use in 4f Studio or download as separate tablet app.  Read more ...

  sdtutorialfi Structured Derivations

A new method for presenting mathematical arguments in an easily understandable way. Makes it easier for students to follow and understand teachers solutions. Can use computers to check the correctness of a structured derivation. Structured derivations can be used for all kinds of mathematical arguments: computatioms, equation solving, simplifications and theorem proving. Works for all levels of mathematics.  Read more ....




4f notebooks in Finnish digital matriculation exam

4f math tools are used in the Finnish national matriculation exam. The matriculation exam is compulsory for all high school students. The matriculation exam will be completely digital starting autumm 2019. The video shows 4f math tools in action.