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Math notebooks where you can automatically check the correctness of your solution

4f Note  allows you to create digital pages that can be stored on the server. The url address of the page allows you to share it  over the net. The page can be read in any browser. Another 4f Note user can also comment and update your page, and send it back to you. All the tools available in 4f Notebok and 4f Studio are also available here. You can also use the 4f Checker on you structured derivations.

Try out 4f Note

Subsccribe to 4f Note. A one year subscription allows you to save your pages on the server and share it with other users, as well as use the 4f Checker. Registering gives you two weeks trial period and 20 free checks. You can also try 4f Note for free, without registration, to see whether you like it. Saving, sharing and checkin are then, however, disabled.

4f Notes page

A 4f Notes page is a collection of different kinds of content elements that are laid out on the page.  You can easily add, modify , reorganize and delete content elements on a page, as well as choose how to lay out the elements on the page for best possible readability and usability. Most content elements are interactive, and some may require internet access. The page elements available are described here.

Versatile Math Tools

Edit mathematical text with standard mathematical notation. Both inline formulas and displayed formulas are supported. Mathematical symbols are chosen from a palette, or typed as LaTeX commands.

Add geometrical pictures,  funktion graphs, sign charts, and mathematical tables to the page.

Text, pictures and other material can be combined in different ways in a content box. Distinguish assignments, examples and summaries etc with different layouts. Check out here what math tools are available.

4f Checker

The 4f Checker is available in 4f Notes Online.The checker gives you rapid feedback on the correctness of your derivation. It marks all the derivation steps that are wrong or problematic. Check out here how the automatic checker works. 

Upgrade to 4f Studio

4f Studio allows the user to create an unlimited number of notebooks. The notebooks in 4f Studio add a number of new powerful features:

   - more efficient methods for sharing content with teachers and fellow students

   - organise your note pages in notebooks, create an unlimited number of note books

   - create your own computer checked quizzes

   - create and deliver digital courses in the 4f Studio course environment

   - share your course book with the students during the course

   - embedd web content in a page, add videos and record your own sound files