Known Issues-Checker

The world of math is very wide and we are constantly developing the automatic checker to understand as much as possible. This means that as soon as we find something it does not know, we are on it. Check this page for issues you have encountered. If it is on the list, we are working on it! If it is not on the list, please send us a note with the problem, and we will address it.


List of known issues

Poor reception. If you are experiencing a poor network connection, the checker might tune out while searching for an answer. In such a case the previous result will still be visible and might indicate a false "correct" or "not possible to prove correct" result.

Simplifying subexpressions. There is a bug in the simplifier, that gives the wrong answer when we have a number in front of a fraction.

E.g is simplified to , i.e., the multiplication sign is forgotten.

Currencies. We are developing the currency features.

Anonymous functions in expressions. It is not possible to write an expression like

You can however pass the expression as an argument, like in

Minutes and min function. The unit min is not now supported, it is interpreted as the function \min.

Primes is not supported. The integer operation \prime is rendered as '.

Long variable names. Beware of writing too long variable names, as this can cause the checker to malfunction.

!induction 3 does not work yet. Example: Fibonacci numbers and golden ratio.

Please contact us if you have questions, need additional support or to report a bug.