Mathematics Editor

Show your working


Editor made for writing math

Write with natural language

Most short commands can be found easily on the keyboard

Alway possible to choose also from the math palette

Add new rows easily and modify expressions to form the next step in the calculation. Students will want to perform their calculations in many steps.

The end result is structured, neat and clear, without having to bother about the layout

Make it possible for people with disabilities or injuries to continue their math studies


Add context to your calculations

A big part of mathematics in understanding and describing the context of the problem that is being solved. Things like understanding what the question is, what information is known, and what information can be found out by using different theories that mathematicians have developed. Only when all of this has been done, is it time to continue to the mechanical part of doing the calculations. The editor allows for adding elements that describe the context:

  • Declarations (naming and describing variables and functions)
  • Definitions (giving variables and functions values)
  • Assumptions (adding what we know from the problem text or from well-known mathematical theory)
  • Conclusion (writing conclusions that we can draw as a consequence of other things that we have listed)

Explain your steps

An important part of mathematics is explaining why something is allowed and what the intentions behind the calculation steps are. There is therefor enough space between each calculation step to explain the steps verbally.